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The war in Ukraine is having a devastating impact on many families and people, but friends we have an opportunity to support a dear friend's family, directly, that is attempting to find their way safely here to the US. This isn't some random donation or a faceless organization...they are real people.

Our friends at Roswell Alliance Church have a sister, Julia, who is a widow and who is raising four children on her own and she had to leave her eldest son behind in Ukraine as he is of military age. They are seeking to open their home here in the United States to be a place of safety for them.

As a church, we will be collecting funds of which 100% will go towards travel, accommodations, food, and anything else the Tkacheva's may need over the next few weeks/months as they travel to join their family here.

Every little bit will help and all of it will go to bringing this lovely family together, safely. We may feel we can't change the world when darkness rears its ugly head...but individually we may be able to change a life, do some good, and ultimately be a light in the darkness.

We will provide updates as appropriate.


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