As the church, God entrusts us with the gospel, which is the power of God for salvation and His people. We, therefore, take seriously our responsibility to faithfully and consistently instill the gospel in everyone who is part of River Valley Church. Everything we do, we do knowing that the gospel changes people at their core and these changed people are then used by God to bring healing to a dying world.​

Life can seem overly complicated. With the availability of information overload right at our fingertips through 24-hour news cycles, the internet, and social media it is easy to get overwhelmed. Our faith doesn’t need to be this complicated. As a church, River Valley will keep the saving gospel of Jesus Christ simple, accessible, and applicable.

In the midst of a world plagued by poverty, violence, and uncertainty there has never been a greater need to communicate the hope and freedom of the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ. We are not only called on to actively communicate the hope of the gospel, but also to clear the path of potential stumbling blocks that may prevent those from hearing and responding to the life-changing message it contains.​



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